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Our attitude

We work in the logistic industry since 1999, and ever since we started, we believe that our long-term survival in this field is only possible with a constant high level of service quality, and therefore with the satisfaction of our clients. Our team at Hard Trans understand it, and keep this in mind every day.


We have the experience of one and a half decade in logistics and transporting, but becaues of the ever-changing climate of this industry and economy, we need to constantly advance and learn. We do everything to be trust-worthy, and to provide accuracy, precision to our business partners, even during hard times.

Our clients

We work with businesses from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and we proud of having a long-term, professional relationship with them, which is built upon trust. We believe that their loyalty shows our quality of service.

Keeping in touch

We know that one of the most important thing to success in business is successful communication. If you wish to know any information about our services, interested in professional details, or want to contact us for other reasons,use our contact page.


“We started working with company Hard Trans since a couple of months and we are really satisfied about our cooperation. Working in transport field means be flexible, on time and precise, and we found all these features in this company, which we consider be also reliable for all the services they provide. We really recommend it!”

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