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About Us

We launched our company, Hard-Trans Ltd. in 1999, in Ózd (which was a disadvantaged area, and operates as a family business. At that time, we had about a decade of experience and social capital. Our main profile is international transport. We had a vision, to create a little company of honor, honesty, and given word, in this inhuman world where real values lost their weight. Today, we provide livelihood for 15 families. Our qualified drivers make sure that our job is done with accuracy and precision. Their attitude and work ethic is the guarantee that the cargos are delivered in proper condition, at the right time, to the right place. They are helped by our freight forwarders, who dedicate themselves to manage the jobs we are accepting.

We offer our modern, and constantly renewed fleet (10 X Euro 5 and Euro 5 EEV tractor trucks, 4 X Euro 3, 7,5 ton trucks) to our clients. We make sure that our fleet is in outstanding mechanical and aesthetic condition, and we do that by having our own workshop. Our trucks fit the most up-to-date green standards, and they are equipped with a satellite tracking system, which let us, and our clients to constantly monitor the status of our cargos, on the way.

Our trucks are also eqipped with the neccessary tools for fixation.

Our partners include businesses from Switzerland, Austria and Germany, and we are proud of  having an excellent long-term business relationship with them.

Our trucks: 4 of Renault Magnums, 3 of MAN Tgas and Tgxs, 2 of Volvos, one Renault Premium tractor truck and Scharwzmüller, Krone, Kögel blind, tilt semi-trailers. 3 of Renault Mildlum, and one MAN 8.163 7,5 t truck.

We are ready to receive orders from new partners, and we hope we can estabilish new business partnerships!

Our tax number: 11852942-2-05

Our EU tax number: HU11852942

Company ID: 05-09-007669